Discover the darkest and bloodiest days of Madrid’s
history with the Spanish Inquisition tour


This 2-hour walking tour shows you some of Madrid’s landmarks most closely associated with the dark days of the Spanish Inquisition. Learn about the expulsion of the Jews, persecution, murder and torture during the Inquisition, and even witch covens.

Your Spanish Inquisition Tour starts and finishes in Plaza Mayor.


Religious oppression, torture and banishment

Your expert local guide will give you an in-depth insight into one of the darkest periods of Spanish and European history on the Spanish Inquisition walking tour. What began as an attempt to protect the sanctity of the Catholic church quickly escalated into a regime of oppression, with cruel torture, mass trials, over 3,000 dead and expulsions of entire religious groups, including the Jewish people.

Mysteries, myths and legacies of the Spanish Inquisition

The paranoia that developed during the Spanish Inquisition means that today, its reputation may have even outgrown the brutality of the truth. Your tour guide will tell you some of the more mysterious stories of the Spanish Inquisition, including the exorcisms of the possessed, acts of faith, and even witch covens. Today, the brutality of the Inquisition has created what the Spanish call a black legend, where continued exaggerated writings can create a distorted record of events.


The sites of the Spanish Inquisition in Madrid

You won’t just hear about the terror of the Spanish Inquisition – you’ll see major sites related to the history. Your guide will show you St. Placido, where exorcisms were carried out, take you to Plaza Mayor, where acts of faith took place, and to a jail that was used in the Spanish Inquisition.


The Spanish Inquisition Walking Tour starts in front of the Tourist Information Centre in Plaza Mayor