Frequently Asked


A place where the CANALLA will surprise you, because you would never have arrived there and you would never have guessed the FIESTA and the DESFASE, that this place hid behind its doors.


That friend who by some unknown fact knows all the locals, all the waiters and all the bouncers at the door. Perfect and essential complement of the FIESTA.


 It is the summary of the explosive combination of the GARITO to which the CANALLA took you, where there was a great FIESTA that ended in an absolute DESFASE.


The combination of FIESTA and CANALLA, can only lead to this, it is impossible that the combination of both elements does not end in DESFASE.


If you are reading this is because you know perfectly well what FIESTA is. If you don’t, it won’t take you long to find out.


It is the word you have to remember as a summary of the Pub Crawl day of the night before.

All you need to know about pub crawl in Madrid