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The best Pub Crawl

Party with us every night at the best bars & clubs. Experience Madrid’s famous nightlife, make new friends and memories!

We want you enjoy this experience!

Please read this information:

Identification is required to enter to bars and clubs in Madrid. participants in the Pubcrawl must be 18+ older

Dress code at the clubs is casual/dress to impress.

flip flops and swimwear is prohibited as well as tank tops for men. when in doubt, ask the tour leader about the club’s dress code for the night.

We stay around an hour at each pub, if you get lost you can find us sending a WhatsApp or call to: 636 415 999/ 637 806 909

We are not responsible for the amount of alcohol you ingest. any sign of violence or disrespect to other participants will be a reason to be expelled from the group with no refund.

We are not responsible if entry to the club is denied due to inappropriate behavior. common sense is always the best choice.

Be sure to know the name of your hostel and feel free to ask us any doubt of how to go back to the hostel/ hotel when the tour is over.

According to police reports, there may be pick pocketing at the streets, to prevent this to happen we highly encourage all to take care of your belongings (mobile phones, money, passport, purses) and keep close to our group.

Welcome to Madrid!

The Pubcrawl Company